of the XIX-th International Festival-contest
Children’s and Youth Creativity

    The objective of the festivals is to establish fruitful contacts, enhance international connections and cooperation by means of children’s artistic endeavour, development of young generation’s potential by means of art.
  2. Main festival objectives:
    • Renaissance, preservation, development of national cultures and strengthening of international cooperation;
    • Development of high-level moral and ethical features of character of young generation, active living position through various means of art;
    • Meeting the best artistic groups, establishment of fruitful contacts between artistic groups, experience exchange between countries-participants of the festival in the sphere of musical- aesthetic education;
    • Establishment of the background to support and develop children’s and youth’s artistic endeavour;
    • Involvement of leading specialists and outstanding people of art and culture to cooperation with artistic groups;
    • Improvement of professional skills and qualification of leaders and teachers of artistic groups and performers.

    Children creative groups and solo performers at 5 to 25 years take part in the following nominations and genres: vocal, choreography, original, instrumental and theatrical genres, including fine art-students and decorative-applied art studios.

  4. JURY

    The head of jury of the festival-contest is ZENOVIY KORINETS – director-general-art director of the National Honored academic Ukrainian folk chorus named after G.Veriovka, professor of National M. Drahomanov Pedagogical University, doctor philosophy, People’s artist of Ukraine. The jury of the festival consists of leading specialists in culture and art of Austria, Ukraine, Germany, Russia, Slovakia, Hungary and other countries.

      • VOCAL /academic, variety, folklore, song-theatre/
        • Solo
        • Ensemble /duet, trio, quartet, etc./
        • Chorus.
        • 1st age category – 5-9 years;
        • 2nd age category – 10-12 years;
        • 3d age category – 13-16 years;
        • 4th age category – 17-20 years.
        • 5th age category – 21-25 years.
        Assessment criteria:
        • Musical talent, artistic interpretation of the musical composition;
        • Clarity of the intonation and the quality of sound;
        • Distinctiveness of timbre and the potential of voice;
        • Musical talent, artistry, artistic interpretation of the musical composition;
        • Stage culture;
        • Complexity of the repertoire;
        • Correspondence of the repertoire to the performer’s age category, artistic skills;
        • Performance skills.
      • CHOREOGRAPHY /classical, ball, variety, folklore dance, styling folklore dance, modern, dance-theatre, show, variety sport dance/
        • Solo
        • Ensemble /duet, trio, quartet, etc./
        • 1st age category of the participants – 5-9 years;
        • 2d age category of the participants – 10-12 years;
        • 3d age category of the participants – 13-16 years;
        • 4 th age category of the participants – 17-20 years;
        • 5 th age category of the participants – 21-25 years.
        Assessment criteria:
        • Performance skills – the technique movements;
        • Compositional layout of the turn;
        • Correspondence of the repertoire to the performers age criteria;
        • Stage effectiveness (plastic movements, costume, properties, the culture of performance);
        • Selection and correspondence of musical and choreographic material;
        • Artistry, manner of interpretation of the artistic image.
      • FOLKLORE AND ETHNOGRAPHICAL STYLE /Folklore and ethnographical groups and soloists which represent numbers and programs, created on the basis of folklore, national (regional, local) customs and rites – vocal groups and soloists, song and dace companies, instrumental companies of performers, soloists and groups of performers of folk dance/
        Assessment criteria:
        • Quality of folklore material used (artistic value, ethnographic value);
        • Style accordance with performance, illustration, manner, attributes, costumes with national (regional, local) customs;
        • Quality of music and plastic national (regional and local) customs imaging;
        • Spectacular solution of program (number), vividness and originality of presentation, originality of portrayal form;
        • Accordance and culture of costumes, instruments and properties with program (number) theme;
        • Completeness and quality of requirements fulfillment, brought to the vocal, instrumental, choreographic styles and above noted.
      • ORIGINAL GENRE/plastic study, acrobatics, equilibrium, antipode, caoutchouc, jugglery, clownery etc./
        • 1st age category of the participants – 5-15 years;
        • 2 nd age category of the participants – 16-20 years.
        Assessment criteria:
        • Level of ability to use an instrument;
        • Clearness of the intonation and musical system;
        • Complexity of the repertoire and arrangement;
        • Technological possibilities of the ensemble execution;
        • Ability of the dynamic palette of the sound;
        • Musical talent, artistic ness, artistic interpretation of the musical composition;
        • Artistic individuality (for the soloists).
      • THEATRICAL GENRE /amateur groups of all trends of the theatrical art take part in the competition/
        Groups present for the competition variety entertainments, mono-performances, etudes, scenes from the performances or plays, which have finished composition.
        No age categories.
        Assessment criteria:
        • Absolute and expressive of exposure of the theme of work;
        • Revealing and vividness of the artistic images, mastery level;
        • Scene effectiveness (plastic movements, costume, the culture of fulfillment);
        • Decorative design of the performance, properties;
        • Actors’ articulation;
        • Correspondence of the repertoire to age peculiarities of performers.
        • A participant or a group has the right to be a bid in several nominations on the condition that a separate application form is provided for each nomination.
        • Participants of “photography and photographics” nomination should present for competition not less than 3, and up to 5 photos 13cm x 18 cm. Participation in the photo-open air is obligatory.
        • Groups and soloists, who represent their national culture, are given the priority during the evaluation process.
        • Theatrical groups present the compositionally complete performance with duration no more than 15 minutes.
        • Groups of original genre present two works with duration not exceeding 15 min.
        • Soloist-instrumentalists present two diverse works with duration of 7 min., and instrumental ensembles – not exceeding 10 min.
        • Vocalists (soloists, duets and ensembles) present two diverse works not exceeding 7 minutes in total.
        • If choreographic (vocal) group (soloist) appears in several age or genre categories, only one composition in each nomination will suffice, provided that the total number of the group’s application form should be no more than five.
        • Choreographic groups present two turns in one or more nominations, provided that mass turn does not exceed 6 minutes and solo – 3 minutes; ball dance ensembles: for formation – not more than 7 min., mixes and concert turns – 4-5 min.).
        • Folklore and ethnographical groups presents one program for competition, length up to 10 minutes. For vocal groups of performers within the program it is necessary to image performance without music illustration (a’capella). Soloists (small ensembles) presented their competitive numbers, lasing up to 3 minutes; for the vocal performers one of their works should be performed without music illustration (a’capella).
        • Payment for the fee for participation in the festival includes not more than 5 applications from one creative team (taking into account small groups - an ensemble, a duett, a soloist). Every next application is accepted for additional payment that makes 50 Euro for soloists; 100 Euro for music groups.
        • Nominees in Fine Art prepare for the competition no more than five compositional pieces. The format of the pictorial and graphic works must be no shorter than A-4, graphic works must be drawn up in the passe-partout form. A special badge dedicated exclusively to the competition should indicate the title of work, the technique, background information about the author (name, surname, date of birth) and the complete title of the educational establishment and the initials of the group leader. Participation in the open air is obligatory.
        • Previously performed turns and works are dismissed from the festival project «Constellation».
    1. To participate in the contest it is necessary to provide the following documents to the organizational committee:
    2. Phonograms should be provided in following formats: MP3, WAVE, WMA; on a digital media (flash drive), previously tested by antivirus software.
    3. The names of the tracks on the digital medium must coincide with the submitted applications (name of the group or surname of the performer, piece title, and its duration).
    4. It is impossible for the soloists to use phonogram “plus”.
    5. It is prohibited to use phonograms in which back vocal part doubles the main part of a soloist.
    6. One mark point will be removed if performance lasts more than one minute. Phonogram stops consequently.
    7. Vocal collectives, with the total number of members exceeding four people, are permitted to utilize their own radio microphones or various “head” appliances just in case the latter are UHF (ultra-high frequency).
    8. For guitarists with acoustic guitars it is necessary to have a three-metre-long wire.
    9. It is prohibited to use synthesizer as auto accompaniment in instrumental genre.
    10. It is impossible to use personal microphone and illuminating apparatus during competition process.
    • Organizational committee is responsible for preparation and execution of the festival.
    • Organizational committee affirms the jury staff for each nomination, members of which are leading specialists of culture and art of Austria, Ukraine, Germany, Russia, Slovakia, Hungary and other countries.
    • To receive visa invitation or voucher, the leader provides the lists of participants (by e-mail) according to definite standard: Expample

    • Organizational committee has the right to use and spread (without payment of fee to the participants and guests of the competition) audio and video records executed during the festival and also as a right to spread: audio, video, printed and other materials during the competition and by its results.
    • Each group is obliged to have conformable number of attendants (15 children + 1 leader), who have a notaries certified permission of both parents for a child to leave abroad and who guarantee the security of participants.
    • It is necessary to give information for the press where it must be included creative biography, interesting facts from group’s (soloist’s) life, color photos (on arriving to the festival) for publishing an article about the group (soloist) on informative site of the organizers of the festival.
    • Participants of the festival have the right for promotion of their sponsor. For this participant should send a logotype of his sponsor, the name of the firm, and the director’s name.
    • Non-compliance with the requirements of these Regulations excludes the participation in festival-competition.
    • Before the accommodation in a hotel, the group leader shall donate 10 Euro per capita, in case of possible damages to the hotel. If the hotel does not have any objections to participants, who leave the hotel, the insurance is given back.
    • The schedule of excursions, mentioned in the festival program, shall be verified by group leaders at the initial meeting.
    • Orgcommittee retains the right to settle the questions not elucidated in the Regulations.
    • In case of application giving for festival event, it is necessary to specify the voucher value!!!
    • The results of the competition and rewards are present in the following nominations: CHOREOGRAPHY; VOCAL; ORIGINAL, INSRUMENTAL and THEATRICAL GENRES considering the division into age categories. Successful candidates or nominees are awarded the title of Grand Prix winner, laureates of three prize places- Gold, Silver, Bronze Constellation- including diploma-winners. Finally, participants are awarded special prizes and diplomas.
    • The finale of the Fine Art competition results is awarding three prize places in two sections (painting /drawing and decorative-applied art /handicraft) and in two age categories with awarding the diplomas of Gold, Silver and Bronze Constellation.
    • In case of absence of nominees for Grand Prix and prize places, these places are not awarded.
    • The duplication of prize places (two first places, second and so on) is allowed according to the results of the competition. Within the framework of the festival project "Constellation" special awards are given in the following nominations:
      • "Constellation" International "TOP 5" Selection
      • "Golden Lark" in memory of Maestro Anatoly Avdievsky
      • "Star popularity"
      • "Contours of the New World: Contemporary Art"
      • Classical Music Award "Classic Bravo"
    • Prizes and awards handing is carried out on Gala concert. The producer group based on the jury’s decisions works out the Gala-concert programmer.
    • Competitors performances are to be evaluated on 10-points scale. After assessments giving an average mark developed. Jury chairman has one additional vote when controversial question decision.
    • Decision of the jury is final and cannot be changed.
  • P R O G R A M of the XIX-th International Festival-contest
    • 1 day 27.10.2021

      Meeting of Ukrainian participants in Chop, accommodation in a comfortably equipped coach, departure to Budapest (320 km). Arrival, registration and placing in the hotels «Pest Inn»***, «Polus»***. Lodging.

    • 2 day 28.10.2021

      Breakfast. Lunch.
      Departure to Erzsebet’s Theatre (address: Hunyadvar str., 43/B, Budapest 1165; hall capacity – 522 persons, size of the stage – 9m x 12m). Conducting rehearsals and contests by the nominations: choreography and theatrical genre; academic vocal and instrumental genre (Music School named after Racz Aladar, address: Tancsics M. str., 7, 1165 Budapest). The open air painters’ meeting. Lunch. Departure to Szechenyi thermal bath or Zoo. Continuation of the contest program in the nomination vocal. Dinner. Evening entertainment on the motor ship along the Danube (for extra cost). Lodging.

    • 3 day 29.10.2021

      Breakfast. Organizational meeting. Sightseeing tour around Budapest. Lunch. Rehearsal before Gala- concert. Gala-concert. Rewarding of the winners. Ceremonial closing of the Festival. Dinner. Lodging.

    • 4 day 30.10.2021

      Breakfast. Sightseeing tour around Szentendre or Vienna (for extra cost). Lunch. Round tables. Dinner. Lodging.

    • 5 day 31.10.2021

      Breakfast. Departure of the participants of the festival.

  • Service cost in Budapest: children – 320 EUR, adults – 330EUR
    (for groups with personal transport): children – 290 EUR, adults – 300 EUR

    Complex of services includes:
    • Transportation: Chop – Budapest – Chop (in comfortably equipped coach).;
    • Location: 2-3-placed with conveniences, telephone, TV.
    • Meals: 3 meals/day in a restaurant of the hotel (breakfast - buffet)
    • Excursions: Budapest (review), transfer to Szechenyi thermal bath, Zoo, to the motor ship.
    • Tariff of participation in the festival.

    for groups with personal transport:

    • 1 day 27.10.2021

      Arrival, registration and accommodation. Lodging.

    • 2 day 28.10.2021

      08.00 – rehearsals in the nominations choreography, theatrical genre (Erzsebet’s Theatre), academic vocal and instrumental genre (Music School named after Racz Aladar). 10.00 - realization of the contest program by nominations. Lunch. Departure to Szechenyi thermal bath or Zoo. 14.00 - rehearsals in the nomination vocal. 16.00 - conducting the contest in the nomination vocal. Dinner. Evening entertainment on the motor ship along the Danube (for extra cost). Lodging.

    • 3 day 29.10.2021

      Breakfast. Organizational meeting. Lunch. Ceremonial closing of the Festival. Dinner. Lodging.

    • 4 day 30.10.2021

      Breakfast. Departure of the participants of the festival.


    SERVICE COST: children – 220 EUR, adults – 230 EUR

    FREE OF CHARGE: 1 place for the leader of a group from 15 persons.



    • participants pay for tickets to Szechenyi thermal bath (21 EUR), Zoo (6EUR), motor ship the river Danube (15EUR)
    • additional excursion: Szentendre (25 EUR), Vienna (55 EUR).
    • participants, who arrive by train or plane, additionally verify the cost of transport services.


    • The amount of fee for specified purposes (price) is clarified either when the application form or the invitation is sent.
    • Before the accommodation in a hotel, the group leader shall donate 10 Euro per capita, in case of possible damages to the hotel. If the hotel does not have any objections to participants, who leave the hotel, the insurance is given back.


    • Application forms for participation in the competition of festival project «Constellation» must be given by e-mail on the following addresses: gals_ods@ukr.net, galina.gals@ukr.net
    • The last term of the presenting the Application Form is 10 October 2021.

    27 — 31 жовтня 2021