Our Pride

Our Prize-winners


Winners of the festivals project «Constellation» – popular variety performers, TV hosts, actors, winners of the international song competition “Eurovision”, finalists national talent show “Ukraina maye talant” and “Factories of stars”



  1. Anastasia Prikhodko (Ukraine) — prize-winner of the festival «Constellations of the Sea — 2003», popular singer, the winner of Russian «The Star Factory-7», the participant of the International Song Contest «Eurovision −2009».
  2. Anastasia Kamenskikh (Ukraine) — prize-winner of the festival «Constellations of the Sea — 2002», popular Ukrainian singer, actress, TV-presenter.
  3. Serhii Chernoivanenko (Ukraine) — Actor of theatre studio «Prizvanie». Multiple winner of the «Golden Constellation». Grand Prix of the Festival «Mountain Constellation» — 2017. The performer of the role of Romeo in the play «Romeo and Juliet» in 2020 (Odessa Theater of Young Spectators named after Yuri Olesha)
  4. Galina Bezruk (Ukraine) — prize-winner of the festival «Constellation of Budapest — 2005». Semifinalist of musical TV-show «The Voice of the Country. New History» (Ukraine, Kiev), Actress of an youth folk theater «Bam-Book» and the Art Center of Les’ Kurbas, filming video clips: «The usual story» (Philip Kirkirov), «I know you’re far away» (Nikolai Baskov, Taissija Povaliy).
  5. Maks Derskiy (Ukraine) — prize-winner of the festivals «Constellations of the Sea» and «Constellation of Budapest», frontman of the band «M.E.T.R.O.P.O.L.Y. 10», finalist of the national selection of «Eurovision-2011».
  6. Solomiya Lukyanets (Ukraine) – prize-winner of the festival “Constellation of Vienna – 2008”, winner of International Children’s Song Contest “New Wave -2010”, winner of the first prize of Yelena Obraztsova International Young Vocalists’ Contest (2010)
  7. Batta Ester (Hungary) – prize-winner of the festivals “Constellations of the Sea – 2005”, prize-winner of the festival “Constellations of Vienna – 2006”, prize-winner of international contests in France, China, Japan, Spain. Participant of 61st international exhibition in China, Ukraine, Hungary, Japan, United Kingdom, France, Romania, Bulgaria
  8. Anatolij Guystruk (Ukraine) – multiple prize-winner of the festival project “Constellations”, three-time grand-prize winner of artistic textile, has gold, silver and bronze medals in numerous international and Ukrainian contests. In 2012 created a unique boxing glove in honor of victories of Ukrainian boxers in the Olympics – 2012 in London, where delicate beauty of Ukrainian soul and all-conquering power of the Ukrainian spirit are unified. On February 15, 2013 National Register of Records registered this glove as a national art creation “The biggest boxing glove decorated with Ukrainian ornament” in the category “Art” and the author got a patent for his work.
  9. Yelizaveta Marchenko (Ukraine) – prize-winner of the festivals “Constellation of Budapest” and “Mountain Constellation, actress, TV-presenter
  10. Ilona Galitskaya (Ukraine) – prize-winner of the festival “Constellations of the Sea – 2005”, Prize-winner of the International Song Contest “Eurovision – 2007”
  11. Alina Dzendzik (Ukraine) – Grand Prix of the festival “Constellation of Prague – 2012”, finalist of the Ist round “X-Factor UKRAINE 2019”